Power UP / YOUR Membership Assistance Program & Work Life Services

IVMA Membership Just Got Better

The IVMA Board of Directors, at their June 2021 board meeting, voted to approve adding an INCREDIBLE new member benefit for all IVMA members – and your immediate household members!

The IVMA is pleased to add the Membership Assistance Program (MAP).   The IVMA has partnered with McLaughlin Young Group, an independent provider of MAP services.  There is no enrollment required and you and your family members are eligible to use the MAP through McLaughlin Young (Mygroup) as a current IVMA member.

What is the MAP? 

The MAP offers help for personal and/or professional concerns by providing FREE, confidential, short-term counseling and personal consultation.   Additionally, the MAP provides work-life resources for such issues as legal and financial consultations, online learning, and resources.

There is no cost to you for your phone calls or face-to-face visits with the MAP.   The Indiana Veterinary Medical Association covers all expenses for this program.

We know that practicing veterinary medicine is hard work.  This members’ only benefit is one-way IVMA can assist our members with the demand of your career as a veterinarian.

How It Works

We all face difficulties at different points in our lives.  Most of the time we are able to either resolve these situations ourselves or with the help of family and friends.  There are other times when having professional help can make the difference between solving a problem or continuing to struggle through periods of confusion, indecision, and personal crisis.  It is at those times that the MAP is most helpful to you and your family.

MYgroup offers you and your immediate household members:

  • Free, confidential help with personal or work-related concerns
  • Referrals to other sources for assistance
  • 24-hour emergency coverage

When you or your immediate household members call the MAP, you are offered a needs assessment by an experienced, licensed clinician.  The needs assessment is conducted within two counseling sessions.  If it is determined that the problem can be resolved through problem-solving sessions, the clinician may request further sessions to assist in resolution.  If it is determined that a referral is needed for ongoing support, the clinician will assist in connecting you with the most cost-effective resources.

MAP is not a therapy model.  The focus is on problem resolution with linkage into therapy as an option.

MAP Orientation and Services Offered

Our MAP is designed to help with all kinds of life situations.

  • Legal questions
  • Financial situations
  • Marital difficulties, Family problems, Parenting
  • Stress, Balancing work, school, and family, Relationship issues, School-related concerns, Work-related concerns
  • Depression
  • Alcohol and drug use/abuse
  • Grief and loss
  • Elder care
  • Healthy living
  • Crisis events, and Adjustment