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November 18, 2020 • 1:00PM – 5:00 PM • INDIANAPOLIS, IN  • 4 HOURS OF CE

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Featured Speakers

Dr. Jennifer Quammem
Veterinarian Coaching
Community Pet Health Care

By all “normal” appearances, as a veterinarian, Jen Quammen was a successful veterinarian. After more than a decade as a Licensed Veterinary Technician, she went to veterinary school and graduated from Ohio State. Within just a few years of graduation, she was the Medical Director of a two location, seven doctor practice where she had formerly been a technician. During that time she also began training and competing in Kettlebell Sport Competitions. Feeling the pull of wanting to be more involved in the direction of veterinary medicine, she joined the Board of the Kentucky Veterinary Medical Association and the AVMA Council on Veterinary Services. Still something was missing. She was content, but not satisfied. Happy, but not fulfilled. There was a constant nagging question of “What’s next for me? What can I do to make more of an impact?”. Ironically, many of those surrounding her asked just the opposite questions. “Why can’t you just be satisfied? Why isn’t this enough?” That’s when a conversation with her partner, professional coach, Ryan Smith confirmed her feelings that she does have so much more to give to the profession.

Ryan Smith
Veterinarian Coaching

Ryan Smith has spent a career working with high performance individuals. Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, he found it difficult to follow the “get a good job, be happy, and build a retirement plan” that most follow. After ten plus years in the health and wellness industry as both an employee and an entrepreneur, he realized that one key piece that he was never taught during his Bachelors or Masters degrees was how to manage money or run a business. That’s when he entered the world of Wall Street, learning the ins and outs of trading stocks, options, and understanding the legal documents that come with business from large to small. After a decade of the financial grind, he went back to training clients, but now on a whole new level. Being able to speak the language of the wealthy and corporate executives set in motion a whole new type of training. Learning to take these driven, high performance individuals to the places they wanted to go too way more than being a “trainer”…he had to become a coach. Taking these successful and busy people to the finish line of Ironman, Marathons, and Ultramarathons was a whole different skill that he excelled at. The physical was the easy part, but coaching the recovery, mindset, work-life choices, while maintaining a high performance at work took a skillset few have developed. Along that path, Ryan became a Business Coach, Specialist in Mental Performance with a background in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis. It was the ability to see things in people that they cannot that knew the Jen was destined for more.

Event Schedule

12:30 – 1:00PM


Indianapolis, IN State Fairgrounds Discovery Hall – IVMA Office, Suite 200

1:00 – 5:00PM

When it comes to Wellness and Wellbeing in Veterinary Medicine there are a lot of people talking about the struggles and challenges that professionals face. The vast majority of solutions offered are in one of two directions: 1. Do more stuff ​(i.e. sleep, meditiate, do yoga, workout, get help, etc.)​ or 2. Do less stuff ​(i.e. work fewer hours, take things off your plate, stress less, leave the office on time, etc)​. For the most part, all of these suggestions are met with a “Yeah but” or an “Easier said than done” mentality. Those types of sessions do very little to help stressed professionals at that moment because they don’t meet people where they are. The sessions are more about “here’s the info now go home and do it”, which rarely happens.

The Thrive Workshop is different. Learning to Thrive is about the habits in your daily life that set you up for success or continue to create stress and chaos. The participants build out their personal ideal morning and keep a checklist for them to use to build that habit, the same with their evening routine. We also examine their “Five” which are the five key types of influencers in their world, how they are helping or hindering their success. We help participants identify who those people are, and more importantly, who’s missing. Finally, in this world of mass distraction, we teach participants tools to manage their attention. Participants will understand where their “mental energy leaks” are, and how to manage attention by training the brain itself.

Discovery Hall


IVMA Office – Indiana State Fairgrounds – Discovery Hall
1202 East 38th Street – Suite 200
Indianapolis, IN 46205

(317) 974-0888

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