“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”  ~Winston Churchill

Build more connections by getting involved with the IVMA.

Why does IVMA need YOU as a volunteer?
1. Volunteers create limitless bounds of what the association can accomplish for veterinary medicine in Indiana.
2. You have the ability to shape the future of the IVMA.
3. Your time and expertise are invaluable resources as we continue to move IVMA forward in the 21st century.

Volunteer opportunities range from task forces, working groups, leadership positions or microvolunteering. Check all of the options to be involved with IVMA in 2021.

Why Volunteer?

Check out some of the reasons why these IVMA members volunteer:

“For me, it started as a way to “give back.”  There were a lot of veterinarians that helped me along the way before veterinary school, during, and then after as a new grad and then again, later in my residency. I was raised by parents who worked in association management and was taught that we have a duty to give back to our profession and help others, the way people helped us.  After I started volunteering, I quickly realized how amazing the IVMA is and that we were (and remain) one of the foremost state veterinary medical associations in the United States.  I’ve made life long friendships with some amazing veterinarians, had the opportunity to chair a national task force, and watch the IVMA’s amazing volunteers try to shape the future of veterinary medicine in Indiana.  I am very grateful for the opportunity to serve this profession and “give back” to those that have given so much to me.”
Dr. Lori Thompson, Indianapolis

“I volunteer for IVMA because I enjoy giving back to the profession that has given so much to me.  I enjoy spending time with friends and colleagues outside my place of business.  And I know that what we do right now makes a difference for us now, and perhaps more importantly, for our future colleagues.”
Dr. Matt Cantrell, Zionsville

“I am involved in the IVMA because I need a sense of community to thrive in veterinary medicine and I want to always try my best to leave things better, no matter how small, than how I found them.”
Dr. Leslie Brooks, Indianapolis

“Volunteering with the IVMA gives us a chance to help set policies to benefit IVMA members, the people, communities, and the animals we serve. The other tangibles are staying abreast of veterinary issues, the advancements in the practice of veterinary medicine, and the fellowship with other veterinarians.”
Dr. Phil Borst, Indianapolis

“My children are older now and I finally had time to learn more about the professional groups that watch out for our profession. Also, in the past, the leadership of the IVMA and the AVMA had continued to be dominated by men, despite the profession becoming dominated by women. I felt it was important for women to make their voices be heard.”
Dr. Kristi Kantz, New Albany

“I volunteer for the IVMA because it keeps me connected to other veterinarians. We support each other, we build each other up, and together we work toward continuous improvement of our profession. We have a team of phenomenal leaders in Indiana, and that team expands every year. Join our team, you won’t regret it!”
Dr. Lindsey Hedges-Gieseking, Lebanon

I volunteer for several reasons:

  • Veterinary medicine has given me a lot of opportunity and I want to give back.
  • I realized that I have ideas worth sharing with the larger group. Regardless if the ideas are embraced, modified or discarded, I’ve contributed. It stimulates others to greater heights.
  • It’s provided me the opportunity to meet and become friends with people that have been incredibly important and impactful at various points in my life. Sometimes it’s to lend a sympathetic ear, sometimes a voice of reason, sometimes it’s someone to share a laugh, and sometimes it’s friends that share a moment. Regardless these are people that otherwise would likely only be passing acquaintances.
  • It’s given me confidence to do things and take on challenges that otherwise I would never have thought possible for a poor kid from rural Indiana.

Dr. Tony Rumschlag, Noblesville

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