2021 IVMA President Dr. Hilary Christner

Greetings IVMA Members,

I appreciate the opportunity to share what’s going on with IVMA these past few months. The IVMA Board of Directors met in early September and continue to move along projects and ideas that move IVMA forward.

At our September board meeting, Dr. Bret Marsh, State Veterinarian, presented a proposal seeking a legislative initiative to co-locate the Indiana Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners (BVME) and the Indiana Board of Animal Health (BOAH). This would be called the Indiana Center for Animal Policy. You can learn more about is concept in the BOAH article on page 20 of this newsletter. Suffice it to say that the Board is fully supportive of this concept as it can provide many benefits to Hoosiers, animals, and veterinarians. As the legislative initiative is drafted and introduced in the 2022 Legislative Session, IVMA will be reaching out to our members to engaged in the process by contacting your legislators to ask for their support. We will provide you with contact info and talking points.

The IVMA Board of Directors, at their June 2021 board meeting, voted to approve adding an INCREDIBLE new member benefit for all IVMA members – and your immediate household members! The IVMA is pleased to add the Membership Assistance Program (MAP). The IVMA has partnered with McLaughlin Young Group, an independent provider of MAP services. There is no enrollment required and you are eligible to use the MAP through McLaughlin Young (Mygroup) as a current IVMA member. Learn more at invma.org or call the office at 317/974-0888. We are even offering complimentary bi-monthly wellness webinars for you and/or your staff to participate. The MAP offers help for personal and/or professional concerns by providing FREE, confidential, short-term counseling and personal consultation. Additionally, the MAP provides work-life resources for such issues as legal and financial consultations, online learning, and resources. There is no cost to you for your phone calls or face-to-face visits with the MAP. The Indiana Veterinary Medical Association covers all expenses for this program and all contacts are confidential. We know that practicing veterinary medicine is hard work. This members’ only benefit is one way IVMA can assist our members with the demand of your career as a veterinarian.

Plans are complete for the Crossroads Veterinary Conference, February 3-5, 2022. The event is set to be in person. Aren’t we all ready to engage with each other when it doesn’t include a computer monitor? The CRVC Working Group planned a quality educational opportunity for veterinarians. Please plan to register and attend this event.

As part of the plans for CRVC meeting, the IVMA Board of Directors voted to offer an “IVMA Forum” at this meeting. The Forum will focus on a discussion about the merits of how the veterinarian-client-patient-relationship (VCPR) is established. A facilitated discussion will occur, offering key points on many sides of this issue. Following that, the floor will be open for IVMA members to ask questions. The Board wants to know what members think. Look for more details

as we get closer to the meeting. The Forum will be held on Friday, February 4, 2022, from 4:45 – 6:15 pm in Waters A of the Embassy Suites Noblesville Hotel. This concept continues to be another example of how IVMA is leading the way for veterinary medicine.

The IVMA Partner Clinic Program has started their research work to learn more about veterinary medicine in Indiana and we are very pleased with the participation of veterinary clinics from all around the state. Look for information and outcomes from this group as we move forward with this strategic goal.

The Board voted on a slate of candidates for IVMA leadership in 2022. You can learn more about these incredible volunteers on page 15 of the newsletter. When you see them along the way, please thank them for volunteering to serve our profession and the organization.

Always feel free to contact me with any ways IVMA can assist. I wish each of you and your families a wonderful holiday season.

Dr. Hilary Christner