Other Career Options

Armed Forces

  • Become a commissioned officer as part of the Army health care team
  • Provides the flexibility to choose between active duty or the Army Reserve
  • Treat and care for animals serving in the Army alongside soldiers, or even their own pets
  • Participate in medical research
  • Manage laboratory animals used for research


  • Provide preventative medicine and treatment for a variety of species at the zoo
  • Perform physical exams and diagnostic tests
  • Diagnose illness, disease, or injury
  • Complete investigative field research in areas of interest
  • Aid in species conservation efforts


  • Treat and care for wildlife species of all shapes and sizes
  • Determine a proper diet, enrichment items, and enclosure for patients
  • Release healthy, capable animals back into the wild
  • Track released animals movements and territory if applicable to ensure they are thriving well in new environment
  • Promote the importance of species conservation through public outreach and education