Micro-volunteer Opportunities

Goal:  It is a volunteer opportunity that is offered in short and convenient, bite-sized chunks of time. It offers you a series of easy tasks that can be done anytime, anywhere, on your own terms.

Microvolunteer Options:

  • Submit a testimonial about why you are an IVMA member
  • Volunteer at the IVMA office
  • Recruit nonmembers via email or phone message
  • Develop IVMA social media posts
  • Be a State Fair surgery suite narrator or surgeon
  • Record a brief video for the IVMA YouTube channel
  • Write a new member welcome note card
  • Be an IVMA Social Link Ambassador
  • Moderate a session at the Crossroads Veterinary Conference
  • Write a blog post for Vet Tail Views

The key benefit is flexibility!
Time Commitment: You decide… 15 minutes, or a couple hours.
Location:  Flexible, your home, or the IVMA offices.