Member Resource – Microvolunteering

Even in today’s times, connecting with colleagues and staying engaged with your profession remains more important than ever.

IVMA needs and wants your involvement!

What is microvolunteering?

It is a volunteer opportunity that is offered in short and convenient, bite-sized chunks of time. It offers you a series of easy tasks that can be done anytime, anywhere, on your own terms. The key benefit is flexibility!  Microvolunteering provides many benefits for you:

  • Fit volunteering into your busy lives –
  • remote and microvolunteer opportunities keep you connected with you colleagues and your profession.
  • Contribute your skills, knowledge, and experience without having to commit the time and energy usually required for committee service.
  • Make new acquaintances, if you are volunteering alongside others.

<Remote> IVMA microvolunteer opportunities:
• Make contacts with 2020 PVM graduates welcoming them to veterinary medicine.  84 students graduate with their DVM degree on May 16
The plan is to have each DVM grad receive 4-5 emails from IVMA members congratulating them and welcome them to veterinary medicine, especially during these unprecedented times.
Completion date: May 22, 2020
• Create a video testimonial about the value of IVMA – use during dues renewal – May 15 – July 1, 2020.  IVMA members can record a brief video on their iPhone, iPad, etc. and email to – 15 volunteers
• Share on social media resources from IVMA – ongoing – repost IVMA posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
• Write a blog post – audience is the public – providing a brief blog post for the public (500 – 700 words) on educational topic areas to include:
How veterinary medicine has adapted to pandemic. Why pet wellness remains important.
Blog posts to be completed by June 15, 2020
• Write a blog post for IVMA members – “Share Your Story” – providing a brief blog post for other IVMA members (500 – 700 words) on topic areas to include: Wellness, Tips and tricks on how you adapted your practice
Highlight staff’s hard work, Blog posts to be completed by June 30, 2020
• Create marketing videos/testimonials from the Crossroads Veterinary Conference 2020 Did you attend the inaugural Crossroads Veterinary Conference in late January? If so, please record a brief video about the conference – what you learned, what you enjoyed about the meeting, would you recommend others to attend the 2021 meeting.
IVMA members can record a brief video on their iPhone, iPad, etc. and email to – 8 volunteers
Video submissions completed by June 15, 2020
• Do you know your legislator? If so, let IVMA know. Develop connections and communication with your local representative now before the 2021 legislative session. This activity is ongoing.
• Do you know how to use Google JamBoard? Help us continue to engage members in new and unique ways. The IVMA is incorporating a Google JamBoard in the volunteer experience. Do you have expertise in this area? IVMA could use your help.
• INSPECT – help IVMA educate and train members on the State’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program – share what you have done well to implement – Do you have a good process or story to share with IVMA members about how you have incorporated Inspect into your practice? If so, please record a brief video and we will share on our IVMA Inspect webpage resources.
IVMA members can record a brief video on their iPhone, iPad, etc. and email to – 5 volunteers
Contact IVMA non-members – want to practice your skillset to market? Help us convince non-members on what they are missing out by not belonging to IVMA. 5-10 veterinarians will be needed to assist going through the IVMA non-member list and determine veterinarians to contact to recruit to join IVMA. Completed by June 30, 2020
• Be a surgeon or narrator for the Indiana State Fair Spay/Neuter Surgery Suite (if the State Fair remains on the schedule for August 2020)

Working Groups:
• Wellbeing Working Group
• Legislative Working Group
• P10 Reunion Working Group

Task Force:
• Innovation Task Force – how to move IVMA forward with new opportunities – this may be broken down into smaller working groups
Contact the IVMA at today! We need YOU!