IVMA Social Link – YOUR Connection to Community

A New Way to Communicate with other IVMA Members

Online Community FAQ's

What is the Social Link Online Community?

Social Link is an online community on the IVMA members’ only platform where social media meets members to help turn periodic engagement into stronger member connections.  This social platform brings together the power of social media and mobile responsive design to deliver important information and establish greater connections to IVMA members.

Social Link is designed to increase social and community collaboration, connecting members to personalized, relevant content, experts and other member benefits.  It combines a lot of the great features from a personal social networking site with the necessary features that a professional network should have.

IVMA expects to use this platform as another way to communicate valuable member information such as: the Hoosier Veterinarian newsletters, CE information, INSPECT, wet labs, 2021 Crossroads Veterinary Conference and much more…

What is the process to sign in to this new site?


  1. Sign into your IVMA account.
  2. Your login information will be your IVMA account credentials.
  3. You will then be prompted to login via a social media account such as Linkedin or Facebook. You don’t need a social media account to access this information.
  4. IMPORTANT your email on your social media accounts must be the same one used with your IVMA account!
  5. Accept terms.

Interested in becoming a Social Link Online Community Ambassador?

What is an Online Community Ambassador?  As an ambassador you will be able to post and share with other IVMA members.  Ambassadors will ensure that new members and initial log ins are engaged immediately upon using the community for the first time.  Ambassadors play a significant role in establishing an environment that encourages innovation and mind share by creating and interacting with rich relevant content.

Time Commitment
1 week a month about an hour a day.  IVMA will supply topics and or materials for the week.  As an ambassador you will engage with the members and post each day.  A calendar will be created with assigned dates and topics for the Online Community Ambassadors.  If you have a specific topic you would like to discuss, please let us know in advance.