2019 Power of 10

Power of 10 Registration is Now Closed

The Power of Ten Leadership (POTL) Program is an IVMA initiative designed to cultivate leadership capacity in recent graduates and provide learning experiences that will enrich the individual and benefit the individual’s practice, community, and profession.

Our 2019 Power of 10 class is now full.  If you are interested in participating in 2020, please contact Lisa Perius:  lisa@invma.org or call us at 317-974-0888.

How it works:
The Power of Ten Leadership Program will provide ten recent graduates (graduated from a college of veterinary medicine with a DVM degree in the years 2013-2019) with a series of leadership, personal, and professional development sessions over a seven-month period. Participants must have graduated from a college of veterinary medicine with a DVM degree within the last seven years. IVMA will provide topic experts and CE meeting expenses at no charge for participants. These sessions not only convey the key learning points about leadership, but also deepen the understanding of class members on a number of related topics. Sessions will include six face-to-face sessions in Indianapolis and registration/accommodations for the AVMA Veterinary Leadership Conference in Chicago in January, 2020.

Key Benefits:
Through the Power of Ten participants will:

  • Develop fundamental understanding of leadership skills, personal branding, and emotional intelligence
  • Deepen comprehension of communication styles and skills
  • Gain the competency to utilize these skills within ones’ life, practice, and community
  • Experience a supportive environment that fosters meaningful interpersonal relationships and collaborative, lifelong interactions
  • August 21, 2019  – Welcome to IVMA and Insights Personality Training – Elanco Headquarters, Greenfield, IN, generously sponsored by Elanco
  • September 18, 2019 Influence and Communication –Dr. Michelle Harcha – IVMA offices, Discovery Hall, IN State Fairgrounds, Indianapolis, sponsored by Antech
  • October 16, 2019 – Veterinary Well-Being Bootcamp Dr. Elizabeth Strand – meeting held at Eagle’s Hide-A-Way, 891W. 65th Street, Indianapolis, generously sponsored by Boehringer-Ingelheim
  • November 6, 2019 – Pam Stevenson – Constructive Feedback/Employee Reviews/Total Compensation Statements/Contract Negotiations – sponsored by IDEXX, Indianapolis
  • December 12, 2019 – Financial Wellness with Mr. Terry O’Neil, CPA and An AVMA Update with IVMA Delegate Dr. Jim Weisman IVMA offices, Discovery Hall, IN State Fairgrounds, Indianapolis
  • January 9-12, 2020 – AVMA Veterinary Leadership Conference, Chicago, IL, scholarships to attend provided by the Larry Borst Leadership Endowment through the Indiana Animal Health Foundation
  • February 12, 2020 – Insights Wrap-Up: Creating a Personal Vision, Authentic and Assertive, Taking the Lead on Stress – Lisa Perius, IVMA offices, Discovery Hall, IN State Fairgrounds, Indianapolis 

Each session will offer between 4-5 hours of continuing education.

Check out these testimonials!

See what your fellow peers had to say about the POTL:

“The POTL opportunity definitely filled a void that I had been looking to fill over the past few years.  I have always had an interest in organized veterinary medicine stemming from my involvement in numerous organizations during high school and college.  My first few years of my veterinary career were spent becoming comfortable with applying all the skills I had learned in veterinary school.  The POTL experience provided me an opportunity to learn other important skills for a veterinarian such as communication, personality types, financial skills, and time management. This experience has also reignited my interest in organized veterinary medicine and has led me to pursue involvement with the IVMA and the Membership Committee. I would highly recommend this opportunity for all recent graduates.”
Jennifer S. Stresemann, DVM
Northeast Indiana Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital
Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine, Class of 2006

“I fully endorse the POTL.  I was able to learn more about myself through personality and communication training.  The training has paid off in more successful communication with my clients and staff.  It is well worth your time and energy.”
Aaron Smiley, DVM
Devonshire Veterinary Clinic
University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine, Class of 2007

 “The Power of 10 leadership program was extremely beneficial.  The content included topics that are not often spoken about in day to day practice (goal setting, compassion fatigue, personal finances, communication) but are essential to making us, as young veterinarians, successful and able to thrive in this profession.  The program also allowed networking with fellow veterinarians.  Overall, it was an excellent program and I would recommend it to any recent graduate.”
Jen Fife, DVM
Bush Veterinary Services
Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine, Class of 2010

“The Power of Ten Leadership program was a valuable and worthwhile series of meetings that provided tools and tactics that could be implemented straight away in both my professional and personal lives. I took away an abundance of resources related to time management, financial management, and legal issues of concern to our profession. I identified a number of ways to better myself, and learned strategies for becoming a more effective communicator and leader.”
Maria Cooper, DVM
Indiana State Board of Animal Health
Purdue College of Veterinary Medicine, Class of 2011

“The future leaders program was a fantastic way to meet and network with other veterinary professionals in Indiana. It helped me learn how to more effectively communicate as well as work with other people that may have different personality styles than me.”
Leslie Sadeghi-Brooks, DVM
Care Animal Hospital
University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine, Class of 2012

Sign me up…Great, here’s your next step!

Step 1:
Get your practice owner to commit to supporting your involvement in this initiative since it means you will likely miss six days of work for these important sessions.

Step 2:
Fill out the Power of Ten Leadership Program online application by clicking on the above link and wait to hear from the selection committee. Under the “Statement of Participant” question, please briefly express why you’re interested in participating in this leadership program.