President’s Message

IVMA President
Dr. Aaron Johnson, DVM

Greetings to all IVMA members! It’s always a pleasure to take some time and let each of you know what the IVMA has been working on over the past few months. It seems like only a few weeks ago I was writing a message to kick off the summer, and here we are in September already. The local & state fair season has come and gone, kids are back in school, and the weather is starting to get a little cooler. I hope everyone had some fun this summer, as taking time to unplug and recharge is so important within our profession. As we get settled back into the new school year, I’d like to give everyone an update of all the ongoing activities within IVMA this summer.

There are a few other topics which are important to highlight this month. First, we have officially kicked off our three new Working Groups and Task Forces.


Executive Director
Lisa Perius, CAE

Summer has flown by, hasn’t it? We have been very busy here at IVMA this summer guiding new task forces to get up and running, rolling out the Member Assistance Program for your veterinary staff, on-boarding our 10th Power of 10 class, reviewing legislative strategies for the 2023 Legislative Session, putting the final touches on plans for the 2023 Crossroads Veterinary Conference, overseeing the Surgery Suite at the Indiana State Fair, overseeing the Surgery Suite at the Indiana State Fair, planning our communication strategies and messages, continuing the dues renewal process, planning SMART CE programs for later this fall, finalizing the work for the IVMA Diversity Equity and Inclusion Task Force, marketing for the next round of participants in the Partner Clinic Program, and attending the AVMA Annual Convention in July in Philadelphia.

Continuing Education

Smart CE
Virtual or In-Person

Smart CE

2 Different Tracks:  Dental – Dr. Matthew Lemmons / October 21 / 1-4 PM / 3 Hours CE
Dr. Johnny Cross / Neurology – November 2 / 1-5 pm / 4 Hours CE

Both of these sessions are available to Veterinarians & Technicians. 

2 Different options:  You decided whether you attend In-person or virtual.  IVMA member rate for Dental:  $129 / Neurology $169
Register Today!

Veterinary Wellness

Becoming a Resonant Veterinary Leader
Dr. Michelle Harcha, DVM MA

What kind of a leader are you? What kind of leader do you aspire to become? Drs. Boyatzis and McKee define a resonant leader as someone who inspires others through consistent, positive relationships and emotions. When a leader and the people around them are in sync or in tune, they exhibit resonance. When people work with effective leaders that bring out the best in them, they have established a resonant relationship. Resonant leaders develop their emotional intelligence to lead themselves and inspire others. They take care of their well-being, so they have the energy to lead in the workplace.