President’s Message

IVMA President
Dr. Aaron Smiley

Racial injustice has always been present in our society and the murder of George Floyd brought it back to the front of our collective conscience. In response to our nation’s renewed focus on creating a more just society, the IVMA Board of Directors adopted a statement to reaffirm our association’s commitment to social justice and equity.

The IVMA Board of Directors is committed to increasing the diversity of veterinary medicine in Indiana and the entire profession.

Thankfully, the Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine has been leading the way to improve diversity and inclusion for our profession under the direction of Dean Willie Reed. Together, Indiana veterinarians will lead the way and work to make our profession as diverse as the clients we serve.



The IVMA Inspect Task Force has been hard at work the last six months continuing to learn more about Inspect and how veterinarians must register and report to the Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP).

Below is an overview of the program and where you must be in compliance with Indiana state law as a prescriber. Look for more even more information from IVMA in the next few weeks regarding Inspect as we roll out an updated, organized website, training videos, and an opportunity to present questions.

1. Register with Inspect (PMP AwareX) – As of January 1, 2019, a practitioner who is permitted to distribute, dispense, prescribe, conduct research with respect to, or administer ephedrine, Pseudoephedrine, or a controlled substance in the course of the practitioner’s professional practice or research in the United States must be registered with Inspect.


From the Desk of the Executive Director
Lisa A Perius

Life has changed for everyone since mid-March 2020. This includes life here at IVMA. Since March 16, 2020, we have sent you 28 emails related to important information you needed regarding COVID-19 and practicing veterinary medicine in Indiana. Additionally, we sent information related to town hall meetings and wellness. I hope you found this information timely and helpful and that our work exceeded your expectations as an IVMA member.

IVMA leadership worked hard to ensure veterinary medicine was informed and represented during these unprecedented times. As soon as the COVID-19 work “slowed down” a bit, we refocused our time back to other areas of importance to IVMA members.
This includes:

• Inspect – the IVMA Inspect Task Force has been updating and streamlining the information you need to know regarding dispensing and prescribing Controlled Substances and Gabapentin.

Continuing Education

A Review of Continuing Education Laws for Veterinarians in Indiana

Veterinarians are required to have completed forty (40) hours of continuing education acquired between October 15, 2019 and October 15, 2021. Veterinary licenses expire on October 15 of odd numbered years. The next renewal date is OCTOBER 15, 2021.

Continuing education is not required for the year in which the initial veterinary license was issued. Therefore, a person who was issued an original veterinary license between the date of October 15, 2019 and October 15, 2020 are only required to submit twenty (20) hours of continuing education.

A person who is issued an original veterinary license after October 15, 2020 are not required to submit continuing education for the next renewal.