President’s Message

IVMA President
Dr. Matt Cantrell

Today, during this particular Fall of 2019, the topic that is most on my mind is CHANGE.  To some, change is exciting and gets them up and out of bed in the morning.  Energizing.  Liberating!  To others, change is frightening.  Mysterious.  Unnecessary!  For many of us (myself included), we feel a mixture of all those emotions.  I am here to tell you now that the veterinary profession we all love is changing and will continue to do so, however we feel about it.  It is up to each of us individually to decide how we want to be a part of that future.

Practice Management

Practice Management

3 Essential Skills For Effective Communication
Wendy Hauser DVM

Effective communication skills are critical in providing optimal outcomes for clients, patients and team interactions. Veterinary Colleges recognize the value of cultivating these skills in their graduates and many incorporate some form of communication training in their curriculum. Training resources1,2,3 for the practitioner and animal health care teams are readily available.


New Rabies Risk Assessment Guide

Have you received your NEW Rabies Risk Assessment Guide (a.k.a. “The Slide Card”) in the mail?  Have you seen the NEW Indiana Rabies website?

This summer, the Indiana State Board of Animal Health (BOAH) and the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) created an updated slide card with the current guidelines for rabies risk assessment and a new website focused specifically on Indiana rabies information.


2020 IVMA Officers

Take a moment and meet our 2020 IVMA officers.
President:  Dr. Aaron Smiley
President-elect:  Dr. Hilary Reinhold
Treasurer:  Dr. Kyle Shipman
AVMA Delegate:  Dr. Jim Weisman
IVMA Board of Directors – Region 1:  Dr. Jerry Rodenbarger
IVMA Board of Directors – Region 2:  Dr. Lindsey Hedges
IVMA Board of Directors – Region 3:  Dr. Harley Robinson