President’s Message

IVMA President
Dr. Matt Cantrell

I’ve never been one to just accept the norm. On some level, I enjoy flipping the script and creating something new. I remember when Dr. Michael Hill asked me “Why in the bloody hell” I would get visible tattoos on my forearms in the middle of veterinary school, I smiled kindly back at him and said, “Because nobody would expect it of me.” When I realized recently I’ve fallen into the pattern of talking about the weather in each of my Hoosier Veterinarian messages, I knew something different was in order.

Practice Management

Practice Management

How to Talk to Each Other? The Art of Mastering Critical Conversations and Feedback
Wendy Hauser DVM

There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that the demands of veterinary medicine are creating unhealthy work environments for animal health care teams and veterinarians. Recently, a study published in Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association1 created a taxonomy system to try to better understand the primary stressors affecting veterinarians. Study respondents represented all employment disciplines within the veterinary profession.


Animals on the Move:  Requirements

Animals travel for many reasons: owners moving out-of-state, change of ownership, vacation. Regardless of the reason for movement, the Indiana State Board of Animal Health (BOAH) reminds owners and veterinarians of the need to fulfill the import requirements for the state-of-destination.
Interstate Movements
Whether a pet is moving to a new home or traveling on vacation, entry requirements for the state-of-destination must be met. Most states require a certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI), issued within 30 days of movement and rabies vaccination for pets.


AVMA Update on Cannabis-derived and Cannabis-related Products

As the discussion of the use of cannabis-derived and -related products in veterinary medicine continues to evolve, the AVMA is providing an update for practitioners regarding the legal and regulatory framework surrounding such use. The information below is not specific to the legal or regulatory status of products of any particular company. Rather, it reflects our understanding of the current status of this class of products based on information provided by federal agencies.