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Learn about our new hospital project, Purdue Veterinary Alumni Association projects, and expanding services and opportunities to partner with us to improve animal and human health!

Hours We’re Available:

Friday, February 5: 11:50A – 2P
ALUMNI DAY! Pop in to show us your Purdue attire for a chance to win a prize!
Saturday, February 6: 11:50A – 2P
CLINICAL YEAR EXPERIENCE AT PVM: Learn how the clinical experiences available to our 4th year DVM students have evolved. How do those experiences help our students acquire the professional skills needed in today’s veterinary practices? Two of our students will be available live via Zoom to answer your questions and discuss their experiences.
Wednesday, February 10: 5 – 6P
DVM EXPERIENCE THROUGH THE YEARS: Our panel of students in their first, second, third, and fourth years in Purdue’s DVM program will walk you through their daily lives and experiences in the classrooms and labs.
Thursday, February 11: 5:30 – 6:30P
TOUR THE CLINICAL SKILLS LAB: Follow two of our students while they show you some of the models that they are able to practice with in classes and after hours to enhance their preparedness for clinical rotations. This new lab has a lot of amazing resources. Curious? Tune in with any questions you may have!

Meet the Team

Susan Xioufaridou

Director of Alumni Relations and Special Events

Tanya Finkbiner

Chief Development Officer

Chris Parker

Director of Development

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