Banfield Pet Hospital

At Banfield, we care about people and pets.

Our mission is to revolutionize pet health and wellness, give back to our communities, and advance the veterinary profession — and that means you. Banfield started in 1955 as a small practice with big ideas about preventive care for pets. Now we’re the largest general veterinary care practice in America, with more than 3,500 veterinarians at over 1,000 hospitals across the United States, including Puerto Rico. We care for more than 3 million pets every year.

Banfield is committed to quality veterinary care. We strive to be a productive part of the community we serve. And we’re dedicated to providing our associates with the tools, training, and support you need to excel and thrive.

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Hours We’re Available:

Thursday, February 4: 9A – 9P
Friday, February 5: 9A – 9P
Saturday, February 6: 9A – 9P
Tuesday, February 9: 6 – 9P
Wednesday, February 10: 6 – 9P
Thursday, February 11: 6 – 9P

Meet the Team

Tasha Wurm

Practice Manager

Jill Siegrist

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Alex Youssefian

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Dr. Alyson Adams

Chief of Staff

Greg Spunt

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Available Resources

VT Career Brochure
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DVM Career Brochure
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ASK Resource
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Equity, Inclusion and Diversity and Banfield Pet Hospital
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Join us for an upcoming free RACE approved CE hoested by Banfield Pet Hospital
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